The leftists loosing their shit over makes me sick! Gab have as much right to federate as anyone else. It is up to everyone to discuss ideas not shut them down! instance refuses to censor material based on what group someone belongs to or which instance you belong to! Identity politics has no place in the management of our instance. Censorship has no place in our society. Feel free to come to an instance that is and always will be a safe place for free speech!

@Supes I don't know why they'd want to block me. I probably don't share their politics or anything, but I don't hate Jews or non-whites like they keep telling me I do. But I guess intellectual dishonesty is easier on the shoulders than accepting reality sometimes.

We are winning, and they hate it. You get the most flack over the target:)

@Supes you cant discuss ideas with gablins because if they had enough brains to understand words they wouldnt be on gab

@Supes Great to see! Btw., getting a resource not found error when I try to boost or fav your users' posts. Idk if it's an issue on Gab's end or yours but FYI.

@texanerinlondon I'd say its a gab issue :( my instance has been rock solid for months. teething problems most likely


I'll just set this here. Hopefully it makes people think. BTW this was taken and written from the original court transcript.

thank you very much for the freedom of expression on GAB

@Supes Losing control of the narrative means losing control of the goyim. The truth is not the Jews' friend. That is why they seek to censor.

@MapleCurtain I have no issue with the Jews or any other group. The issue I have is censorship and cancel culture

@Supes and this censorship is really ridicoulus. calling nazi all the gab users it's stupid. at least i'm not a nazi 😂
perhaps who screams to censor gab should look in a mirror; it's possible will find a nazi!!

@nuvolari yes kinda the point I was making and the point they try and hide. They dont see themselves as bigots and Nazis trying to shut down opinions other than their own. They are those who are behaving like Nazis and bigots!

@Supes Wikipedia calls gab a white supremacist site. Or it did a week ago. I have noticed they clean their tracks once conservatives expose their lies.

@DonWayne yeah but wikipedia is a leftist operation as well. I have no issue with them expressing an opinion, my issue is when they seek to silence those who dont agree with them by calling those views nazi etc etc. It is not how grown ups have reasonable discussions

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