It is not my job to protect you from being offended! Those that are against should take responsibility for their own reactions and grow up! If you dont like a particular user dont converse with them. If you dont agree with someone that doesnt make them wrong it just means you dont agree and that is your right. It is time the put the big girl panties on and stopped with the outrage culture! Grow up people and welcome a very big instance onto the platform.

@Supes In fairness it's #notall leftists that respond and behave this way. It's the mentally defective, SJW left that can't seem to handle other people thinking for themselves. Those people are pretty few in number luckily but boy do they sure scream loud. Plus the right certainly has its equivalent.

@terryenglish totally they are not all reactionary immature idiots

@Supes is federation with actually working? I'm trying to follow someone from gab and it says awaiting approval.

@Supes looks like maybe gab is just having trouble, maybe they didn't plan for the remote traffic they'd get. my follow request eventually went through so I guess mastodon just says it's waiting approval while it's pending remote confirmation.

I do find it annoying that the fork they're running seems make it harder to find information without a gab account (looking at who someone follows is useful to find new people to follow). Also no links to remote follow 😦

@bender yeah seems like they have a number of issues, im starting to see some gab users on my feed tho :)

@bender @Supes Yeah, I'm having the same issue with the reverse. It's only been 3 days since we federated, so give us time.

@bender @Supes lots and lots of 500 and 502 , I can tell you that. There seems like Rob is trying to scale for performance, not to mention that its quite likely groups migration is not complete yet.

@Supes it is like real life except you get a mute button!

@TraddyinLA yeah children are pretty good with mute buttons....


Hey Mark: Be kind to Those Big Girls and their Panties.

We're trying to SAVE THE WHALES - remember?

@Supes Hi, Mark! Nice to see someone apart from Gab who appreciates the core concepts of liberty.

@Codreanu1968 No idea mate, have a chat to the @gab admins they might know?


>put the big girl panties on
*LOL in Spanish* You win the Internet. Are we still doing that, or am I showing my age?

@Supes I agree. The position Wictor is taking is childish.

@doraville6 its not just one or two people its so many of them. Cancel culture is evil and dangerous and thats why they need to be called out!

@Supes Everyone has the power NOT to be offended. Few have the sense to exercise that power.

@jezburtonshaw exactly right. And its not my responsibility to protect anyone from being offended!

@Supes VERY wise words. And yes gab does have issues, still. They had massive performance issues on day one (no doubt because of the number of users), something that can't be tested well in a closed development environment. Gab is getting better day by day, one step at a time. In 2 weeks everything should be smoothed out.
Citicism and/or debate is what can make us think further, if done in a civilized way of course. Unfortunately there are idiots, clowns and trolls everywhere. I've been known to be an idiot at times myself, hopefully that is all in the past. 😃

@stevesmith totally agree. Everywhere has their share of idiots but that is not reason enough to silence everyone on a platform!

@stevesmith @Supes Could you please tell me if we have groups yet and where I could find them if we do?

@mezzo @stevesmith @Supes They're working on getting us Groups back. One thing at a time. :) Patience young one.

@PeninaChan @stevesmith @Supes Thanks. I'm not being the least bit impatient. I can only imagine what they're going through right now. I thought maybe I just didn't know how to access them.

@PeninaChan @stevesmith @Supes Could you please answer one more question? Why is it that the posts are constantly moving when I get on?

@mezzo @stevesmith @Supes I think they have a built in auto refresh, so when someone you follow posts a new gab, it automatically pops up at the top of your feed.

@PeninaChan @stevesmith @Supes Thanks again. I hope they discontinue it b/c it's kinda annoying, for me, anyway.

@stevesmith the performance issues had nothing to do with traffic. It's because wholefuckingface Colbert completely mangled the mastodon fork @Supes

@dude @Supes
I disagree dude. High traffic does effect server performance, and at that time gab was still transferring their huge database from their old servers to their new servers in the background. Limits had to be put in. Regardless 2 weeks will be the true indicator into what gab can deliver. Groups, better DM's than the original Mastodon code. Every issue has to be prioritized and taken one at a time. Andrew says some things are close to rollout, so we shall see dude. 2 weeks.... crap, now I'm sounding like that Arnie "robot" in the "Total Recall" movie. lol.

It's disappointing that the gab fork means these performance fixes are unlikely to be merged back to other Mastodon instances. I understand gab is running a business and for all I know the Mastodon project might reject patches from gab on "principle". In any case I hope we eventually see some level of cooperation on the software development.

@bender @stevesmith I hope those in charge of Masto wake up to themselves and embrace the new massive user base rather than being all political and cutting their nose off despite their face!!

@bender @Supes
Gab is now Open Source, so anyone should be able to use any of their code and modify it as they please. Including existing Mastodon instances.
Well, that is how I understand it. Flame me if I'm wrong.

@Supes It was always the left in the 70s, 80s, and 90s that told conservatives that if they didn't like the anti-Christian bigotry and bias on TV to just change the channel because censorship would be morally repugnant and un-American.

It's good advice for them, too.

@texanerinlondon @Supes Another example why the 70's and 80's will live on forever. People were actual adults back then.

@TheSpeedwagonPriest @texanerinlondon @Supes Damn right - what happened to everyone? Did someone put something in the food/water or something that sent everyone batshit crazy and snowflakey?

@Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest @texanerinlondon what happened was the liberal education system started indoctrinating the youth. Here in Australia it was led by leftist unionist teachers and no one saw it until it was too late!

@Supes @Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest If you go back far enough, you really have a generation with fight fatigue after WWII . Even with victory, there was a lot of emotional scarring with dads coming home from the theaters. No one was up for fighting the other socialist threat to the world, which was Communism - certainly not domestically as they sought to invade academic and media institutions. So it has been allowed to fester for decades with little resistance.

The Greatest Generation didn't want to deal with it and was happy to believe McCarthy was overzealous (Mitrokhin's smuggled KGB docs later would disprove that), Boomers were convinced it wasn't really a big deal, Gen X saw the Wall fall and thought it was over, and Millennials were never taught about Soviet or Chinese atrocities by the Marxists in media and academia who act as if it's yet to be tried for the first time. It's interesting how snakelike and incremental the predation on the West by Communism has been over the decades.

This is the truth man. 100% I'm gen-x myself, and yeah, growing up in the 80s and 90s it DID feel like those sorts of threats were over. The wall came down, the soviet Union collapsed, China wasn't really worth worrying about yet, and Cuba was just somewhere you went on vacation. The religious right had pretty much given up their crusades against Heavy Metal, Rap, and D&D, except for maybe a small fringe still trying to get Howard Stern off the air.

This rise in cultural Marxism disguised as "social justice" really did sneak up on me. At first it all seemed good. Very libertarian "equal rights and free speech for all". How did we get from that to taking rights away? And the right to speak freely no less! Banning ideas from the public square? It's really madness.

This is not the internet that we had envisaged back in the 90s. The internet was supposed to SAFEGUARD against this shit. It's difficult to even process what it's become.
@Supes @Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest

@CandidApples And if you want further evidence, even the founder of the World Wide Web himself came out and said that this giant digital behemoth that takes our freedoms and nostalgia away was NOT what he envisioned when he created the Internet.

@texanerinlondon @Supes @Tanawylfen

@CandidApples @texanerinlondon @Supes @Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest

Well, there are many reasons for this. One which too seldom gets mentioned, I think, and goes along with what @CandidApples is saying is this: we -- as gen-Xers paid a lot of attention to our elders, and perhaps to the boomers that annoyed us... and maybe also we thought distantly about how we'd raise our own kids.

But we didn't take seriously enough what was happening to the age cohort right beneath us. The idea that young people could be mobilized to do the ideological bidding of boomer leftists was laughable to us... everyone told US we were shit. But a group of people coddled to think they were above reproach and deserved everything in the world to be nice.... it was beyond our experience and mental horizons, because we ourselves were not treated this way at all.

@CandidApples @texanerinlondon @Supes @Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest

There is an unholy alliance between communism and capitalism, and there has been from the very beginning. What happened in Germany was a REACTION to the same communist aggression we're witnessing in America today. (Hence the leftist pejorative label for the right, "reactionary".)

Look at the recent wave of "woke capitalism"; corporations coming out in favor of cultural Marxism, and attempting to financially and economically ruin any who oppose this agenda. Crony capitalism (usury based banking, speculative stock markets, bought off politicians) and communism both agree: Christianity must go. Ethnically homogeneous European nations must go.

@Alfred_Long @CandidApples @Supes @Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest What we call capitalism today - the marriage of big companies and big government is the economic side of fascism. The problem is we have too much government and it's picking winners and losers, then weaponizing them against the people. That's not a free market.

@texanerinlondon @CandidApples @Supes @Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest

The situation in the West today is far more accurately described as communism. Globalist, neo-liberal crony capitalism and communism are a false dialectic. They are a pincer attack designed to destroy the nation state and Christianity.

Fascism can go in the "dustbin of history" with the other two, for all I care.

I see in your icon that you're a "two star general", BTW. Or maybe a two star accountant?

@Alfred_Long @CandidApples @Supes @Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest Actually, where we are right now is best described economically as fascism. That doesn't mean it's not transitory and that the goal and process of those running it isn't heading to Communism - it obviously is. But economically, Fascism is the most recent train station along the way.

Now this is an interesting discussion; however, if we are to begin inserting ad hominems, we will have to bring it to an early end.

@texanerinlondon @CandidApples @Supes @Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest

"The problem is we have too much government and it's picking winners and losers, then weaponizing them against the people. That's not a free market."

I agree with that part of your statement, by the way. The "system" is also picking who is ideologically, racially, or religiously "unfit" for employment. In the most hypocritical fashion, might I add.

@CandidApples @texanerinlondon @Supes @Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest

The seed was planted in 1964 with the CRA, which created a privileged class of entitled citizens. Then in the 90-ies, The Woodstock Generation came into power and harnessed that push for entitlement, and when they ran out of victims to cater to they began inventing new ones.

@texanerinlondon @Supes @Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest
Yes, and it is telling that there are so many Intellectual Geniuses out there NOT explaining this hard truth, but continuing to divide loyality & getting children to hate & blame their own parents, and parents to hate & blame their own children for ALL being exhausted, deceived, victims of The Slow March through The Institutions.
Yes, a great many Boomers genuinely believed that things can only get better because everything wasn't going to be squandered on World Wars, and meanwhile they were CONvinced that all the 'little' wars were to prevent World Wars.
They Genuinely believed they were leaving a better, more prosperous world to their children, who are now being TAUGHT TO HATE their parents BY GENIUS ECONOMICS PROFESSORS

@Mrs @Supes @Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest The crazy irony is that somehow these old professors are managing to get the kids to exempt them from the "every old person is evil" thing. How convenient is that? lol

@Tanawylfen @texanerinlondon @Supes A big factor is technological advancements. It's NO coincidence that there was far less idiocy and degeneracy and snowflakery in an era with limited entertainment technology especially as opposed to nowadays.

People were more sensible in an era of brick phones and VCRs. Because there wasn't this air of instant gratification.

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