Follow Why would we block another instance? Makes no sense!

@Antanicus Again blocking gab as a whole is reactionary and small minded. In fact its bigoted!

@Tchambers @Antanicus possibly but I don't think that's why all these bigots are blocking gab domains. That isn't what they are saying is the reason.

Guess they going block me.. since my name is on there and i never asked gab to put my name on there.. oh well

@x They will block me for sure as I have an account on there (never used it) and an account on noagendasocial I guess im a Nazi!

@Supes @switchingsocial Yeah i said this many time I am no monster or a nazi
btw I closed my account at Gab no point for me to keep my account there since i have my own instance.. 😀 👍

@Supes @switchingsocial
I think y'all should get off twitter cuz nazi is using twitter ... this whole thing don't make sense..

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