Has all this hysteria calmed down? Have we all learned to play nice? I have though about this and tend to agree with adam@noagendasocial.com who basically said if the SJWs and leftists want to wall themselves off from the real world maybe we should encourage it. Us "norms" won't have to put up with their rubbish!

people run around screaming for freedom but when they see someone that's actually free it scares them, and that makes them dangerous.. paraphrased from Easy Rider. the only thing that liberals hate more than Donald Trump are people that think for themselves, that's a fact. ;-) @Supes

@RubenAlfonzo @Supes That might be true were it not for the fact that people who support Trump are incapable of thinking for themselves.


@TImW381 @RubenAlfonzo I think that is a massive generalisation! Trump has many different kinds of supporters just as Obama did. You can't label them all the same just cos you disagree with their position!

The 2016 election was about two choices, more of the same or something different, something different won and no matter what anyone thinks of Trump you have to admit he is definitely different. The lyrics to this song sum it up pretty nicely, Donald Trump was elected to slay the monster and based on the viciousness of the vitriol I think he's making pretty good progress. Now we just need to clean out the rest of the swamp shrubbery before they destroy him. @Supes @TImW381


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