Damm, @gab actually made their own Mastodon instance. That is perfect because i was not considering you a legitimate safe place for free speech because you where still the central arbiter. I was a much bigger fan of Mastodon despite their censorious nature the tech was way more censorship resistant. This is the best of both worlds now, unfortunately it seems incredibly hard to follow gab users from the instance i am on. Is that a Gab issue or is that censorship on the instance? I notice your profiles are harder to follow as well if your not using a Gab account, please keep the follow button visible for other Mastodon users.

@henk717 @gab Your page pops right up for the gab side no issues here

@Jikiri @gab This one was posted from my Gab account, having a lot of trouble with interaction between other instances. I follow people on mastodon i can not seem to follow on here, and i follow people on Gab i can follow on Mastodon and while the system says they have 400 toots (Gabs) there are no toots on the profile.

@henk717 @gab Its all still new but Ive been able to follow a few outside of Gab with out any issues so far but it wouldnt surprise me maybe try the app? I heard thats mastodon friendly

@Jikiri @gab Is it possible for you to follow henk717@mastodon.host from here? Because if i try following myself i get an error in looking up the account. That same instance does not allow me to properly follow Gab users.

@henk717 @gab I can see this one just fine though, its probably the instance your based on @Supes


@henk717 @Jikiri @gab I am on an instance I manage so there is no domain blocking or anything else. Still issues with ?

@Supes @Jikiri @gab Probably, any follow request is not going trough on both sides when i test.

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