Welcome to all my new friends. I look forward to seeing great content from your instance! Hopefully the content flows both ways. I understand your instance is still having some minor issues and hopefully these are sorted soon.

@Supes Nice to meet you! Feel free to peruse my timeline for thought provoking posts. We may not see eye to eye on much, but mores the better! Room for change!

@Supes I find it extremely difficult as a Gab user talking to people within the #fediverse on different instances, almost impossible. Boosts, replies, follows, all are blocked. some weasly excuse - "cannot connect", blah, blah. Only reason I can reply to you Supes, you popped up on a Gab feed. #Mastodon

@MarcusAgrippa @Supes
I have the same problem with the same error message when I try to follow on another server.

No problems to follow a user from another instance via though.


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