Greetings all,

I have come here from quodverum, where I went from gab. But I guess they block Gab so I left quodverum.

I am totally new t this Mastadon thing. I just wanted a place where there was free speech and cool people.

@Supes, I like your attitude. Thank you for making this place.

@Lowhangers My pleasure, I hope you find it valuable and interesting :)

@Supes Well, I am honestly just trying to find my way around. I am still not quite sure how to move to other instances. Or if there are groups or whatever like on Gab.

But I just didn’t want to be on an instance that blocks other instances. What is the point of that? I can get that on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

I do think instances should publicly state which instances they are blocking. So people know that what they can see is being limited.


@Lowhangers if I can help in any way or you have ideas please reach out

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