Greetings all,

I have come here from quodverum, where I went from gab. But I guess they block Gab so I left quodverum.

I am totally new t this Mastadon thing. I just wanted a place where there was free speech and cool people.

@Supes, I like your attitude. Thank you for making this place.

@Lowhangers My pleasure, I hope you find it valuable and interesting :)

@Supes Well, I am honestly just trying to find my way around. I am still not quite sure how to move to other instances. Or if there are groups or whatever like on Gab.

But I just didn’t want to be on an instance that blocks other instances. What is the point of that? I can get that on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

I do think instances should publicly state which instances they are blocking. So people know that what they can see is being limited.

@Lowhangers yeah I think blocking instances is just childish. I guess the good thing is it keeps the lefty loons in their corner and away from anyone they don't agree with. Anyway we will NEVER block any other instance for any reason.

@Supes BTW, someone said that QuodVerum was a very pro-trump instance, which is why I signed up over there. But the realized they blocked gab so I don’t understand what they were thinking. Did they expect an influx of Nazi wannabes or something from Gab?

What did they get by blocking???


@Lowhangers I don't know and its not that I (or this instance) are pro or anti trump or anything like that its just we hate censorship and hate the hate coming from the left! What they get from it? I am guessing its virtue signalling or some kind!

@Supes It is ironic how the left has become so authoritarian, or perhaps they were always that way and fooled some of us?

I used to be a Democrat too. That party is crazy now, I can’t stand them.

@Lowhangers yeah its like they have lost who they are and what they stand for. I think in many ways that is the brilliance of Trump. I am not even American but I can see it remotely that there is going to be many heads exploding in 2020 when he wins again by a bigger margin!

@Supes Trump knows how to play them for sure. It is funny to watch him troll them on Twitter, and they always fall for it.

Meanwhile he is flooding the courts with conservative justices and making other changes. But his tweets are like shinies to the SJW birds, they can’t take their eyes off of them.

You’d think they’d learn and not respond, but they always do. They cannot resist him.

@Lowhangers yeah its hilarious they keep reacting and he is obviously just sitting there laughing at them hahaha

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