I still cant work out why some people want to de-platform people they dont agree with. If the shoe was on the other foot and they were the ones being de-platformed we would never hear the end of it!! Time to grow up and either have a discussion with those we dont agree with and try to change their minds or just ignore them. De-platforming is childish bullying.

@Supes lol the only way you can sincerely hold this belief is if you have no stakes in anything. fascism needs an 'other' to push down, as an ideological function; if the fascists win, they will kill me and everyone like me. I cannot exist in the world they want. thus, I push for deplatforming fascists not because I'm incapable of disagreeing with them, but out of self-defense. arguing with fascists in the Free Marketplace Of Ideals is not worth my time.

@jacethechicken Interesting take but wouldn't they use the same argument against you guys. You arguing they must be "de-platformed" is a slippery slope to "killed". People need to see what people have to say and what people believe or these same people will get elected and then put into place these views as policy and you and others will have elected them without knowing what they stand for. I take your point by I strongly have a view that no one should be silenced

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