#noagenda 1128
@adam: Editor-at-large, is that an important job, because this guy sounds like a nincompoop?
@Johncdvorak: It's just a title for somebody they don't know what to title, it doesn't mean jack shit.

Toughest security airport security checks in the world - Kuwait - even physically inspected thumb drives and pens!!

@9to5Mac Honeywell thermostat is terrible. Does not support wifi passwords over 12 characters or that contain special characters. Also very unstable. Very very bad support. One of the worst products I have tried in a long long time!

@blackweta that’s great kiwi. What you think of mastodon so far?

@Gargron mate what are the advantages / disadvantages to adding more than one relay to a server? Is there a list of available relays somewhere? Sorry if this is a stupid question :)

@mastohost what’s the story with relay servers, will you be offering this?

In Dubai on way to Turkey, why are certain nationalities more prone to leaving their crap all over the floor of the lounge!

Just a warning to all users on socnet.supes.com. Personal abuse will not be tolerated. You can say what you like about any topic but you cannot attack, bully or harrass other users or you will be suspended

@PhoneBoy cool, hopefully some of the Siri shortcuts coming in iOS 12 will help with some of this stuff

@ephemeralforms@mastodon.social you are welcome on my instance, no mod interference ever :)

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