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@Stellar This is very true but people dont understand that nothing is actually free

@fm haha that means me actually being on here enough to see their posts. As you can guess im not :)

@fm All good mate, what is your suggestion on the bots? Is there an automated way to tag them?

@fm Nice ad for your services mate :) My instance is available for anyone who wants to use it for any reason they want to use it. I am sick of people trying to tell others their thoughts or words are wrong. Happy you spent the time to toot tho! Tell me more about your services?

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@Moon @chris

medicalization of dissent is a feature of psychiatry.

we're one step away from "being an asshole" as a psychiatric condition
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Bag of dicks: Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle working on Covid vaccination passport

@anokasion Why not? Can people not have wide interest areas?

@sheetposter I would like to suggest a social credit score similar to the one used in China. For too long too many people have gotten away with not agreeing with me and now they should be prohibited from posting on social media unless and until they work on themselves and their score

@borrof no idea but it would be fun if he was wouldn't it!

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@Supes all leftists hate all centrists as if they were the right. Now surprised to hear this. The left is infantile.

So seems we have finally been included in the infantile list. About time our instance was included in the auto follow list of masto!

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I would like personally extend my thanks to both #pedoblock and #fediblock for keeping easy to use lists of instances that are actually worth interacting with

Thank you for your hard work, and may you continue your vigilance.

@bender @ChrisWilson good work mate, you are right, every little bit helps. Sooner or later these creeps will get the message and all the SJW rubbish will come back to bite them!

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@Supes People left AOL because the 'dangerous' Internet was much more exciting and interesting. These heavily filtered bubbles will suffer a similar faith AOL did.

More interestingly, lists like this can be used to find and amplify those they seek to block. Simply by following some of those listed you pull their content to your instance and Local timeline for better discovery by others.

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