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@jacethechicken Interesting take but wouldn't they use the same argument against you guys. You arguing they must be "de-platformed" is a slippery slope to "killed". People need to see what people have to say and what people believe or these same people will get elected and then put into place these views as policy and you and others will have elected them without knowing what they stand for. I take your point by I strongly have a view that no one should be silenced

@nosleep They are the worst! Someone should do something about them. Maybe if you don't use the domain within 4 weeks you forfeit it

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Several companies including UltraTech, JK Cement, Dalmia Bharat and others are in their final leg to add 23 million tonne per annum (mtpa) of production capacity



Full-List of bots:

I still cant work out why some people want to de-platform people they dont agree with. If the shoe was on the other foot and they were the ones being de-platformed we would never hear the end of it!! Time to grow up and either have a discussion with those we dont agree with and try to change their minds or just ignore them. De-platforming is childish bullying.

Anyone know a joker called Ashley Stephen Geelan? if you do have a laugh at this website

@ned so I am based in Dubai these days but back in Australia fairly often, if there is any way I can help please reach out

@ned so there are 3 levels of licence in Australia. Foundation, Standard and Advanced. You have to start with foundation so you mayaswell start that process

@ned so it would be best to go through a local club. First step is to get your foundation licence which is a matter of reading the manual and then attending the club on a weekend. Its very simple. 10 year olds do it. That will give you enough privileges to get on air and get onto Anystar Link. What suburb are you in ill find you some club options :)

@ned ok let me do some research for you. How much do you know about about the licensing process in Australia? Have you looked into it previously?

@ned @adam sure mate happy to help. Lets start with what part of Australia are you in?

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it has improved the fediverse. We have a terf instance now. even more voices. if gab ever does similar to pleroma and has the glitch mastodon frontend included as an option, i would be interested in running a gab instance.

So seems the sky didn't fall in with the whole integration. Those clowns saying it would kill mastodon were wrong. Who is surprised? Not me!

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@Lowhangers you should be able to search hashtag across instances from your client. Unfortunately they are not heavily used on masto

@Lowhangers yeah its hilarious they keep reacting and he is obviously just sitting there laughing at them hahaha

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