Anyone know a joker called Ashley Stephen Geelan? if you do have a laugh at this website

@ned so I am based in Dubai these days but back in Australia fairly often, if there is any way I can help please reach out

@ned so there are 3 levels of licence in Australia. Foundation, Standard and Advanced. You have to start with foundation so you mayaswell start that process

@ned so it would be best to go through a local club. First step is to get your foundation licence which is a matter of reading the manual and then attending the club on a weekend. Its very simple. 10 year olds do it. That will give you enough privileges to get on air and get onto Anystar Link. What suburb are you in ill find you some club options :)

@ned ok let me do some research for you. How much do you know about about the licensing process in Australia? Have you looked into it previously?

@ned @adam sure mate happy to help. Lets start with what part of Australia are you in?

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it has improved the fediverse. We have a terf instance now. even more voices. if gab ever does similar to pleroma and has the glitch mastodon frontend included as an option, i would be interested in running a gab instance.

So seems the sky didn't fall in with the whole integration. Those clowns saying it would kill mastodon were wrong. Who is surprised? Not me!

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@Lowhangers you should be able to search hashtag across instances from your client. Unfortunately they are not heavily used on masto

@Lowhangers yeah its hilarious they keep reacting and he is obviously just sitting there laughing at them hahaha

@Lowhangers yeah its like they have lost who they are and what they stand for. I think in many ways that is the brilliance of Trump. I am not even American but I can see it remotely that there is going to be many heads exploding in 2020 when he wins again by a bigger margin!

@Lowhangers I don't know and its not that I (or this instance) are pro or anti trump or anything like that its just we hate censorship and hate the hate coming from the left! What they get from it? I am guessing its virtue signalling or some kind!

@Lowhangers if I can help in any way or you have ideas please reach out

@Lowhangers yeah I think blocking instances is just childish. I guess the good thing is it keeps the lefty loons in their corner and away from anyone they don't agree with. Anyway we will NEVER block any other instance for any reason.

@Lowhangers My pleasure, I hope you find it valuable and interesting :)

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@UltraCommie @rcode3 @snder @Supes

Silencing seems to be far more evil. You spend time crafting a polite response to a post with a carefully worded counter argument only to find that your post is thrown away and they never see it.

I can call and know he’ll never be offended, because he will never see this post

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