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@Lowhangers yeah its like they have lost who they are and what they stand for. I think in many ways that is the brilliance of Trump. I am not even American but I can see it remotely that there is going to be many heads exploding in 2020 when he wins again by a bigger margin!

@Lowhangers I don't know and its not that I (or this instance) are pro or anti trump or anything like that its just we hate censorship and hate the hate coming from the left! What they get from it? I am guessing its virtue signalling or some kind!

@Lowhangers if I can help in any way or you have ideas please reach out

@Lowhangers yeah I think blocking instances is just childish. I guess the good thing is it keeps the lefty loons in their corner and away from anyone they don't agree with. Anyway we will NEVER block any other instance for any reason.

@Lowhangers My pleasure, I hope you find it valuable and interesting :)

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@UltraCommie @rcode3 @snder @Supes

Silencing seems to be far more evil. You spend time crafting a polite response to a post with a carefully worded counter argument only to find that your post is thrown away and they never see it.

I can call and know he’ll never be offended, because he will never see this post

Welcome to all my new friends. I look forward to seeing great content from your instance! Hopefully the content flows both ways. I understand your instance is still having some minor issues and hopefully these are sorted soon.

@henk717 @Jikiri @gab I am on an instance I manage so there is no domain blocking or anything else. Still issues with ?

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Yeah, if they want free speech. It's free speech for all. @Supes

@bender @TImW381 @a @support will NEVER blanket block other instances!

@TImW381 @RubenAlfonzo I think that is a massive generalisation! Trump has many different kinds of supporters just as Obama did. You can't label them all the same just cos you disagree with their position!

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@defrisselle @supes mastodon should just go full circle and become a separate network. Their attempted appropriation of the fediverse has failed.

@bender Yeah I guess you are right. Kind of goes with the territory, they are always right didn't you know?

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people run around screaming for freedom but when they see someone that's actually free it scares them, and that makes them dangerous.. paraphrased from Easy Rider. the only thing that liberals hate more than Donald Trump are people that think for themselves, that's a fact. ;-) @Supes

Has all this hysteria calmed down? Have we all learned to play nice? I have though about this and tend to agree with who basically said if the SJWs and leftists want to wall themselves off from the real world maybe we should encourage it. Us "norms" won't have to put up with their rubbish!

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@Tanawylfen @texanerinlondon @Supes A big factor is technological advancements. It's NO coincidence that there was far less idiocy and degeneracy and snowflakery in an era with limited entertainment technology especially as opposed to nowadays.

People were more sensible in an era of brick phones and VCRs. Because there wasn't this air of instant gratification.

@Tanawylfen @TheSpeedwagonPriest @texanerinlondon what happened was the liberal education system started indoctrinating the youth. Here in Australia it was led by leftist unionist teachers and no one saw it until it was too late!

@user0701 True but they live in a reality distortion field where anyone who disagrees with them is at least a nazi

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@texanerinlondon @Supes Another example why the 70's and 80's will live on forever. People were actual adults back then.

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@Supes It was always the left in the 70s, 80s, and 90s that told conservatives that if they didn't like the anti-Christian bigotry and bias on TV to just change the channel because censorship would be morally repugnant and un-American.

It's good advice for them, too.

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