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@Gargron mate what are the advantages / disadvantages to adding more than one relay to a server? Is there a list of available relays somewhere? Sorry if this is a stupid question :)

In Dubai on way to Turkey, why are certain nationalities more prone to leaving their crap all over the floor of the lounge!

Just a warning to all users on Personal abuse will not be tolerated. You can say what you like about any topic but you cannot attack, bully or harrass other users or you will be suspended

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⚡️ #BREAKING Bomb kills seven security personnel in Burkina Faso: security sources
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So looks like the best Mastodon iOS client I can find is Tootdon. Well done guys, looks like a good app!

This instance is strictly a "free speech" instance. SJWs are welcome but do not expect to be protected here. Personal abuse will not be tolerated, open discussion and hard talk are ok but do not play the man. Anything goes, no censorship ever!