Give control to the USERS. It's is not up to the fediverse or app developers or even to the admins to decide what they should or should not see. Do you even realize what you're doing?

@angristan @Supes
This is why I want to see Mastodon support shared blocklists and admins use that. Instance blocks should be transparent to users. Also many instance blocks could be avoided if users could subscribe to "no porn" or "no right wing" blocklists.

@bender @angristan maybe the better way to do it is allowing users to "filter" what they want to see rather than "blocking" for everyone on an instance. Anyway the hysteria is pathetic and the leftists need to get a grip. Imagine their tears if it was them being blocked!


@Supes @angristan I disagree with instance level blocks and think they should be opt-in (or at minimum opt-out). but transparency let potential users look at the blocklist before joining an instance and say "no they're too controlling".

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