Anyone know of a list of free speech mastodon instances? I want to see the people I follow on Twitter go to multiple instances to defend against future censorship. @Supes

@bender I haven't seen a list specifically but I would just look at the banned instances from some of the SJW instances as a start. No fear we will never censor!

@Supes I wasn't expecting you would censor, more just want to point people to a bunch of servers so no instance becomes a big enough target to get Parler'd

@Supes @bender

I don't want to censor SJWs; I want to exile them to Venezuela.
i always point people to and suggest they check out some of the instances there

@clayvaulin @Supes @bender I'm disappointed that doesn't receive the praise it deserves- "Sysop banned from Gab for being a Nazi"

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