I think my countrymen are finally starting to wake up.

Better late than never I guess.

It is well – and very good – to practice normalcy on an individual basis, as by refusing to play along with the abnormal “practices” of the mentally ill. By refusing to accommodate or grant the slightest legitimacy to the strange and dangerous beliefs of the mentally ill, no matter their feelings.

A professor told me a few years back that it's hard to teach Brave New World today, because students think Huxley's dystopia is paradise. No wonder so many Americans can't see the threat in front of us.

Two phrases probably constitute the origin of violence and conflict throughout the history of mankind. They are the imperative command “Submit,” and the responsive challenge, “Or what?”

I am guessing billions have died as a result of that conversation, because the follow-on to “or what” is when the stabbing, hacking, shooting, and bombing starts.

If one wishes to avoid that violence, it is best to avoid forcing that discussion.

Hundreds of cases of blindness are among the 19,916 reports of “eye disorders” to the World Health Organization’s European drug monitoring agency following injection of experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

The primary consideration is whether an experimental vaccine is warranted for a disease with a 99.9% survival rate. I am for tried, true and tested (safe) vaccines. I am NOT for experimental vaccines backed by disastrous animal studies

Do Americans who hate freedom feel like traitors?

Three gas stations near me have started closing at 10 PM, used to be open all night. Something is up.

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