Americans are so batshit insane now that Americans scream there must be free food stamps, public housing, healthcare, and college because the economy is bad and prices are high, but why not just end the regulations that have killed the economy and made prices expensive?

Why work hard when your taxes pay for tyranny, wars, and debt?

Why work when the elites will steal everything you have through taxes, fines, fees, forfeiture, and inflation?

Americans scream Trump is a patriot for banning flag-burning, but maybe restoring the Bill of Rights, paying off the debt, and ending the wars would be a better way to bring back respect for the US.

Libertarians who think that the US used to be a moral, peaceful, and free country with a balanced budget are surprised when Americans pull facts out of their asses and insist that the USA never had churches or black people before today, has been at war every day since 1776, always had TSA groping and food stamps, and never had a declining debt.

Odd how the elites are willing to end bail, empty prisons, and defund and disarm the police, but the globalists won't repeal the laws, restore the Bill of Rights, or end the police state.

Americans are so batshit insane now that they scream Nazism and Communism were huge successes.

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